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Please note that some copyrighted images had to be removed. Materials that only consist of copyrighted manuscript images are not made available for this reason. Others may have a low resolution due to file size constrictions.


Camp 1 / MMSDA (27 April – 2 May 2014)



Alberto Campagnolo: A Tale of Two Fields. Book Conversation and Digital Humanities

Dirk Van Hulle: Writers’ Libraries and Exogenetic Digital Editing

Elena Pierazzo: Editing and Transcribing

Elena Pierazzo: Manuscripts and Print

Elena Pierazzo & Arianna Ciula: Encoding Texts. Markup, XML and oXygen

Franz Fischer: Evaluating Digital Editions

Hanna Vorholt: Cataloguing and Describing Medieval Manuscripts, pt. 1 and pt. 2

Hanna Vorholt: Decoration of Manuscripts

Patrick Sahle: Digital Modelling

Peter Stokes: Manuscript Production

Peter Stokes: Palaeography

Simon Tanner: Planning for Success. Surviving and Thriving through Understanding the Value of Digitisation

Wim Van Mierlo: Manuscript Culture, 1450-2000

Wim Van Mierlo: Modern Palaeography and Codicology



Camp 2 (14 – 20 September 2014)




Lou Burnard: An introduction to XML and the TEI (talk)

Lou Burnard: Getting started with oXygen (exercise)

Lou Burnard: How to use the TEI Guidelines (talk)

Lou Burnard: Eine kleine text-encoding (exercise)

James Cummings, Magdalena Turska et al.: Metadata matters. Describing a TEI text, its contents, its meanings (talk)

James Cummings & Magdalena Turska: Updating the header (exercise)

James Cummings: An introduction to searching in oXygen using XPath (talk)

James Cummings: Using XPath in oXygen (exercise)


Magdalena Turska: Transcription and Editorial Interventions (talk)

Magdalena Turska: Transcribing a historical source (exercise)

Lou Burnard: TEI à la carte. A case study (talk)

Lou Burnard: Assembling the digital postcard archive (exercise)

Magdalena Turska: An introduction to Critical Apparatus in the TEI (talk)

Magdalena Turska: Basic critical apparatus (exercise)

Lou Burnard: Digital editing of primary sources. An overview of the TEI proposals (talk)

Lou Burnard: TEI Publishing Options (exercise)


Georg Vogeler: Text. Image and transcription (talk)

Georg Vogeler: Text. Image and transcription (exercise)

Martina Semlak: Genetic Editing (talk)

Magdalena Turska: Encoding names and named entities (talk)

Magdalena Turska: Entities (exercise)

TEI @ Oxford: Complexity in named entity modelling and linked open data (talk)

Sebastian Rahtz: Advanced Entities (exercise)

Irene Kuwal & Elisabeth Hobisch: Moral Weeklies (evening lecture)


TEI @ Oxford: Introduction to customising the TEI (talk)

TEI @ Oxford: Customizing your schema with Roma (exercise)

TEI @ Oxford: Advanced TEI customisation and documentation (talk)

Sebastian Rahtz: Working with ODD (exercise)

Sebastian Rahtz: Working with TEI Stylesheets (talk)

Georg Vogeler & Martina Semlak: GAMS (talk)

Georg Vogeler & Martina Semlak: Workshop GAMS (exercise)

Raffaele Viglianti: The Shelley Godwin Archive (evening lecture)


Raffaele Viglianti: Editions beyond text. Music (talk)

Georg Vogeler: Metadata (talk)

Georg Vogeler: Metadata (exercise)

James Cummings: Manuscript Description in the TEI (talk)

James Cummings: Adding a Manuscript Description (exercise)


Philipp Vanscheidt: TextGrid

Ronald H. Dekker: CollateX

Peter Boot: eLaborate

Alex Jitianu & Octavian Nadolu: oXygen



Camp 3 (7 – 13 February 2015)



Cai Alfredson & Dick Claésson: The Swedish Literature Bank

Aodhán Kelly: Tablets for Dissemination of Digital Scholarly Editions

Andrea Davis Kronlund: Digital Imaging (→ smaller file size)

Elena Maceviciute: Digital Preservation. Research and Practice

Gunter Vasold & Johannes Stigler: Digital Preservation and Archiving



Mid-Term Meeting (23 – 24 April 2015)



Fellow Presentations



Convention 1 (14 – 18 September 2015)



Workshop “TEI and neighbouring standards”

Peter Boot: TEI and neighbouring standards

Stefanie Gehrke: OA – Shared Canvas – TEI. And how they are used in the Biblissima project

Øyvind Eide: CIDOC-CRM

Workshop “Pundit and Muruca (Net7)”

Francesca Di Donato & Giulio Andreini: Muruca. Join the knowledge

Francesca Di Donato & Giulio Andreini: Pundit. A web annotation tool to make your job and research activity easier

Francesca Di Donato & Giulio Andreini: Pundit. How to use Pundit (tutorial)



Convention 2 (15 – 18 March 2016)



Workshop: Digital Editing Beyond XML

Fabio Ciotti: Introduction

Manfred Thaller: What is textual variance in the eyes of a software technologist?

Desmond Schmidt: What would be possible without XML?

Fabio Vitali: The expressive power of digital formats: criticizing the manicure of the wise man pointing at the moon


Raffaella Afferni / Alice Borgna / Maurizio Lana / Paolo Monella / Timothy Tambassi: “… But What Should I Put in a Digital Apparatus?” A Not-So-Obvious Choice: New Types of Digital Scholarly Editions

Hilde Bøe: Edvard Munch’s Writings: Experiences from Digitising the Museum

Misha Broughton: Crowd-Funding the Digital Scholarly Edition: What We Can Learn From Webcomics, Tip Jars, and a Bowl of Potato Salad | Handout

Ben Brumfield | Accidental Editors and the Crowd

Arianna Ciula Modelling Textuality: A Material Culture Framework

Wout Dillen: Editing Copyrighted Materials: On Sharing What You Can

Till Grallert: The Journal al-Muqtabas Between, HathiTrust, and GitHub: Producing Open, Collaborative, and Fully Referencable Digital Editions of Early Arabic Periodicals — With Almost No Funds

Dinara Gagarina / Sergey Kornienko: Digital Editions of Russia: Provincial Periodicals for Scholarly Usage

Helene Hahn: OpenGLAM & Civic Tech: Working with Communities

Aodhán Kelly Digital Editing in Society: Valorization and Diverse Audiences

Charles Li: Critical Diplomatic Editing: Applying Text-critical Principles as Algorithms

Merisa Martinez / Melissa Terras: Orphan Works Databases and Memory Institutions: A Critical Review of Current Legislation

Torsten Schaßan: The Influence of Cultural Heritage Institutions on Scholarly Editing in the Digital Age

Anna-Maria Sichani: Beyond Open Access: (Re)use, Impact and the Ethos of Openness in Digital Editing

Andreas Speer: Blind Spots of Digital Editions: The Case of Huge Text Corpora in Philosophy, Theology and the History of Sciences


Jan Bigalke / Martina Bürgermeister / Daniel Jeller / Stephan Makowski / Gerlinde Schneider / Bernhard Strecker : Monasterium: User-Integration in a DH-Project

Ingo Börner: Critical Edition of Arthur Schnitzler’s Early Works: Digital Workflow

Juan José Escribano / Elena González-Blanco / Clara Martínez / Gimena del Rio: EVI-LINHD, a Virtual Research Environment for Digital Scholarly Editing | Slide (Poster Slam)

Tessa Gengnagel / Frederike Neuber: Explorer, Trader, Conqueror? On the Role of the Digital Editor

Costanza Giannaccini: Where Scholarly Edition and Semantic Digital Library Meet

Ulrike Henny / Ben Bigalke / Pedro Sepúlveda: Pessoa’s Editorial Projects and Publications: The Digital Edition as a New Form of Textual Criticism | Slide (Poster Slam)

Chaim Milikowski: Scholarly Editions of Three Rabbinic Texts – One Critical and Two Digital

Konrad Niciński: TEI Technical Standard: The Experience of Poland

Martin Sievers: Typesetting Using X-Technologies – Dead End or Promising Path? An Overview of Pros and Cons Regarding Critical Editions

Bartłomiej Szleszyński: Nowa Panorama Literatury Polskiej (New Panorama of Polish Literature): How to Present Knowledge in the Internet (Polish Specifics of the Issue)


Convention 3 (5 – 7 October 2016)



Workshop: Digital Scholarly Editing and Textual Criticism

Gioele Barabucci, Franz Fischer: CollateX and the formalization of textual Criticism

Marjorie Burghart: The TEI Critical Apparatus Toolbox: Empowering Textual Scholars through Display, Control, and Comparison Features

Armin Hoenen: Stemmatology – Digital Tools and Trends

Caroline Macé, Jost Gippert: Digital scholarly editions

Roberto Rosselli Del Turco Edition Visualization Technology

Klaus Wachtel: Towards a Global Stemma of the Greek New Testament Textual Tradition: Methodological Approach

Workshop: Complexities of Project Logistics

Rik Hoekstra: Changing editing policies of the States General of the United Dutch Provinces (1576-1796).
Jan Burgers: Editing medieval charters in the digital age.

Workshop: The Born Digital Record of the Writing Process

Thorsten Ries: The Born Digital Record of the Writing Process: Discussing Concepts of Representation for the Digital Scholarly Edition


Masterclass: Virtual Worlds as Digital Scholarly Editions (13 – 14 June 2017)

Presentations (Youtube Playlist



6th AIUCD Conference 2017 | The Reverse Telescope: Big Data and Distant Reading in the Humanities (24 – 28 January 2017)

More Information


DiXiT Workshop | The Educational and Social Impact of Digital Scholarly Editions (24 January 2017)

Agiatis Benardou: “Signatures of All Things I am Here to Read”: Digital Research as Practice, Digital Networks as Public Engagement

James Cummings / Martin J. Hadley / Howard Noble: It has moving parts! Interactive visualisations in digital publications

Teresa Gargano / Francesca Marocco / Ersilia Russo: PhiloEditor: from Digital Critical Editions to Digital Critical Analytical Editions

Silivia Orlandi: EAGLE dedicated services and their educational potential

Anna-Maria Sichani: Think Big: Digital Scholarly Editions as / and Infrastructure

Elena Spadini: A Spoonful of Sugar: Encoding and Publishing in the Classroom

Silvia Stoyanova: A Digital Research Platform for Giacomo Leopardi’s Zibaldone in the University Classroom



DiXiT meets CIDOC-CRM | (28 March 2017)

Georg Vogeler: Presentation DiXiT

George Bruseker: Presentation CIDOC-CRM

Martin Doerr: Presentation FRBRoo and CRMInf