Camp 3

Academia, Cultural Heritage, Society


Not Open for External Applications



Unfortunately, due to limited capacities, we cannot open this camp to external participants. However, the teaching materials will be provided on this website under Materials. The provisional schedule can be found here. The following is a general description of the covered aspects:

  • Critical Transmission, Dissemination and Sustainability: To enable students to strengthen their understanding of critical transmission through an interplay of analytical and hands-on skills in the areas of digitizing and editing source material, and of disseminating, refining and sustaining digital scholarly editions.
  • Principles of the Digital Archive and Digital Asset Management: To provide insight into the functional principles of digital archives focussing on the OAIS Reference Model and selected frameworks such as eXist, Apache Cocoon, FEDORA et al.
  • Tablet App Opportunities for scholarly editions: On theoretical and practical issues connected with the delivery of digital scholarly editions via tablet apps.
  • Long-Term Digital Preservation Framework: Overview of the general problems and purposes of long-term digital preservation. Overall learning outcome should be a better understanding of and the ability to apply the DP life-cycle to digital scholarly editions.

DiXiT is funded under Marie Curie Actions within the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme.